Features in International Schools in Bangkok

As a parent, one most impactful decision you have to make is finding the perfect school for your child. If your rash it, you could end up making a lamentable mistake.

If you are struggling to settle on a particular option, the OCCC Art School recommends taking your child to international schools in Bangkok

Below are some of the top reasons for enrolling your kid in these institutions.  

Unbiased Admissions

If you wish to go to international schools in Bangkok, you do not have to worry about a biased admission process. The institutions do not discriminate against any race or nationality. As a result, students get the chance to meet and interact with people from diverse backgrounds.  

Uninterrupted Admissions

The majority of international schools in Bangkok admit students all through the year. Regardless of the time you report to the institution, you are almost guaranteed of getting a slot.

In addition, most schools in the city usually support newcomers by giving them the fundamentals needed to adjust to the new surroundings. This makes sure that scholars settle in the shortest time possible after joining their new school. 

Multilingual Teaching

International schools in Bangkok offer multilingual lessons. While the primary language is English, scholars can learn others such as French, German, and Mandarin, and so on. Besides making them fluent in foreign dialects, these lessons make them prime candidates for employment in multinational firms. 

High-Quality Education

One of the top reasons why students go to international learning institutions is to pursue a quality education. The same applies to international schools in Bangkok.  These schools have outstanding facilities and follow an international curriculum that is accepted worldwide and famous for their excellence.

Moreover, these schools have exchange programs with their overseas peers as well as top colleges. Therefore, they offer students an edge when it comes to university application. 

Comprehensive Education

Besides classwork, educational centres in Bangkok offer extracurricular activities such as drama, music, and sports.  These are vital in forming your kid into a team player and friendly, as well as improving their physical wellbeing.


Studying in Bangkok would have been inconceivable in the past. However, the introduction of international schools has transformed the city into one of the world's top destinations for people seeking a quality education.

If you are looking for international school in Bangkok, KIS International School Bangkok is the best mid-sized IB World School in Thailand offering International Baccalaureate Programmes.