Why Are People Going to Study in Bangkok?

International schools in Bangkok have experienced a steady rise in student population in recent years. The city, previously renowned as an iconic tourist destination for its delicious Thai cuisines, is now transforming into a global educational hub. 

If you are pondering why learners are going to this great city, read on to discover the reasons. 

Quality Education

The Thai government has a strict policy that requires all of the country’s learning institutions to provide quality education. To this end, it gives all the mandatory resources to ensure kids benefit from going to school and shape a bright future from a tender age. This is an assurance that international schools in Bangkok provide excellent tutelage.


In the past, people seeking overseas medical services flew to Asian countries over the west because of the cheaper fees. The same trend now applies to the education sector. More people now prefer to school their kids in Bangkok to America and Europa because the charges are lower, yet they use a similar curriculum. 

Moreover, living in Bangkok is more affordable than in western countries.  


European and American countries are renowned for their rigorous visa application procedure.  You have to meet several conditions before you get permission to travel into such countries. Thailand has fewer requirements, mainly if you are an international student.  


Western destinations are famous for their modernity, which can be overwhelming to people from other countries. On the contrary, the city of Bangkok serves a mixture of all cultures. It has modern skyscrapers and traditional Thai night markets. An individual that loves history will relish the city as much as a person who fancies modernity.

Favourable weather

Many people often fear going for overseas learning programs because of unfavourable climatic conditions. In Bangkok, the tall seasons are perfect, irrespective of your country of origin. 


International schools in Bangkok guarantee a quality education for your kid. On top of this, they charge affordable fees, offer many courses, and the locals are welcoming. This is why the Art School at Old Church, previously known as OCC School of Art, recommends them. 

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