How To Pick The Right International School In Thailand For Your Child

If you recently moved to Thailand with your family and do not want to disrupt your child’s education, enrolling them in an international school may be the right move.  Below are a few things you need to consider while choosing an international school according to occartschool.

Check the curriculum

It is important that you take a deep analysis of the curriculum of your potential international school. What is the style of teaching, how many students are in each class etc.? Will your child’s emotional and social growth be catered to? If your children where previously in an international school, is the curriculum similar or compatible?

Fees and costs

Often, the most important thing when it comes to determining a school for your child is the cost. You need to enroll your child in a school where you can afford to pay. Apart from the yearly fees, there are also other costs. There is the enrolment fee that is paid once and then the yearly fee increases.

The school environment

It’s important to go to the school in person and check the facilities in the school.  Classrooms that are well equipped and spacious will enhance learning. On the other hand, laboratories and libraries should also be fitted with the latest technological advancements for better learning.

Are there sports and recreational facilities in the campus? Such facilities bring a healthy balance in learning.

How about the atmosphere around the school? Does it support learning? This is even more important if your children will be boarding in the school.

Engage with the teaching staff

There can never be a great school without great teachers. Teachers are an integral part of a school. Therefore, it is important to strike a conversation with one or two teachers in the school. Find out whether their style of teaching will be a perfect fit for your children. Observe if the teachers are passionate about their role as educators.


Before enrolling your child in any international school, be certain it will offer the best for your child. Where possible, take your child with you on the initial visit and ask them what they think about the school.

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