The Difference Between Fixed and Growth Mindsets

A mindset is a person’s unique way of thinking or opinion on different aspects of life, especially a habitual one. The two main types of perspectives are growth and a fixed mindset.  

When a person has a growth mindset, they believe that they can achieve their goals provided they put in the effort. Such people are confident that they can improve their resourcefulness and intelligence by working hard.

On the contrary, individuals with a fixed mindset think that they cannot improve, regardless of what they do.  

Emotional development has a significant impact on the mindset than an individual adapts. It is worth noting that your mentality affects how you deal with various situations in life. 

Advantages of a Growth Mindset

The following are the reasons why the OCCC Art Schools recommends having a growth mindset.  

Improved Self-esteem

Having confidence that you can become better improves your self-esteem. A fixed mindset, however, lowers your sense of self-worth because it makes you believe that you cannot improve.  

Better-quality Relationships

Another disadvantage of having a fixed mindset is that you will always seek perfection in your social interactions. On the contrary, a growth mentality allows you to see and accept that others have flaws. This, in turn, enables you to form satisfying relationships. 

Better Mental Health

Your mindset has a significant on your mental wellbeing. With a growth mindset, you are always optimistic that things will get better, which lowers the risk of depression. However, a fixed makes you pessimistic and more vulnerable to negative thoughts.


In the fixed mindset, you tend to overthink everything said to you. If it is a compliment, sceptical about it, if it is a negative remark, you will think you deserve it. However, a growth mindset makes you resilient to others’ opinion on you. This is because you believe that you are control of the path you take in life. Even when labelled negatively, you remain confident of overturning the situation.


Having a growth mindset is more beneficial than possessing a fixed mindset. The latter not only makes you hopeless about life, but it also affects your health. 

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